Black beans

About beans Edit

Beans can be divided into a few categories: fresh beans, dry beans and snap beans. Many varieties of bean can be used at several stages of development and so, fall into several of these categories depending on when they are harvested.

Fresh beans Edit

Fresh beans appear in the summer and fall, and they're sweeter and more tender than dry beans. They're also easier to prepare, since you don't need to soak them or cook them very long. Examples of popular fresh beans include: fava beans, lima beans, edamame and cannellini beans, to name just a few.

Dry beans Edit

Dry beans are beans which have been allowed to mature fully on the vine before being harvested. They are then removed from their pods and stored. They require soaking before being used in cooking. Many of these are available pre-cooked, in cans. Examples of popular dried beans include: lima beans and kidney beans.

Snap beans Edit

Fresh beans 01

Snap beans, also known as green beans, or string beans are beans which are harvested relatively early in the ripening process so that the bean pods are still tender and edible. Examples of popular snap beans include: French beans, wax beans, and yard-long beans.

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