About Caş Edit

Caş (Romanian pronunciation: [kaʃ]) is a type of cheese made in Romania.

It is made up by adding rennet to the fresh milk and after it coagulates the curd is crushed and then gathered and hung in a textile material to allow the whey to drain. The cheese thus obtained has a round teardrop shape and is dried and matured until it gets a yellow colour and a slightly sour taste. Caş is a telemea cheese before, or just after being salted.

The caş is subsequently used to make other types of cheese such as the brânză de burduf or caşcaval.

Outside Transylvania, the term caş is sometimes used to refer to the telemea cheese before, or just after being salted.

The word caş is derived from the Latin caseus and it is a cognate of the English cheese.

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