Delilah the Cat(played by Laraine Newman)is a one-shot villain that appears in Kurabu Pengin:Neko Fataru(literally Club Penguin:Feline Fatale).She was serves as Odie's assassination target/victim and it was implied several times that she and Odie despise each other.However,Delilah was trained in hand to hand combat,knife fighting,and sword fighting by her father-in-law,Yogi(played by Gregg Berger),whose also the biological father of Odie,the eldest son of Odie's grandmother,and the older brother of Odie's aunt.During her first debut,she and Odie engage in a vicious battle,destroying Delilah's Japanese cafe in the process.However,Delilah's father in law,Yogi,arrives home from his cousin's house in West Denpasar in the middle of the battle,and they stop fighting because Odie doesn't want to kill Delilah in front of her father-in-law.However,Delilah was shock that her father-in-law is actually Odie's biological father and she's ultimately got married to Odie's older twin brother,Audrey.Later on,Delilah double-crossed her father-in-law and kills him in a cold blood with a meat cleaver by smacking his face so hard and Odie watched his father slowly died from a blood loss and he's beginning to lose his sanity.Flying into a maniacal rage,Delilah pulls out her handgun that concealed within a box of Maspion desk fan and attempts to kill/shoot Odie,but she missed the shot.In retaliation,Odie pulls out his butcher knife and throw it into Delilah's stomach,killing her instantly.However,Delilah begs for her lives as she's slowly died from a blood loss.After Delilah's death,Odie stood above her dead body,laughing evilly.

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