About goose Edit

Goose meat is darker (including the breast), fuller bodied, and more intensely flavoured than turkey. It is fatter and more gamy than duck. Of all fowl, goose meat offers the most opportunities to match with wine.

Mature geese carcasses weigh 18 – 19 lbs. ( 8 – 9 kg) although young animals weighing 10 – 14 lbs ( 4 ½ to 5 ½ Kg) are more popular with housewives. The yield improves with mature animals. Free-range fresh geese tend to be more tender than those marketed frozen.

Goose contains a high proportion of fat and must be properly cooked to provide the eating pleasure connoisseurs expect. A leg of roasted goose swimming in its own fat would hardly please anyone, except maybe a hard-working farmer who has a chance to sample it once a year.

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