In Romanian: Jeleu de coacaze



  1. Wash and clean the gooseberries.
  2. Set 14 oz / 400 g gooseberries to boil with the sugar and water.
  3. Boil until the berries are soft, then strain and crush them.
  4. Strain again through cheese cloth and set to boil until the mixture starts to gel (test by placing a few drops onto a cold plate. If ready, in a few minutes they gel).
  5. On the bottom of a deeper dish, arrange a few whole gooseberries, slowly pour a thin layer of jello and refrigerate.
  6. Keep the rest of the jello in a warm place.
  7. After the poured layer has gelled, arrange a few more gooseberries on top of it and then pour another thin layer of jello.
  8. Repeat this procedure until you use all gooseberries and all jello.
  9. Before serving, turn onto a plate and garnish with a few sprigs of gooseberries.

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