In Romanian: Legume asortate in otet


Vinegar mixture Edit

This mixture can be scaled up or down as necessary


  1. Remove core and seeds from peppers.
  2. Wash and section each pepper in 8 parts.
  3. Clean, wash and cube the carrots and celery roots.
  4. Clean the garlic and onions and keep whole.
  5. Divide the cauliflower in flowerets.
  6. Arrange in a jar, placing assorted layers of everything.
  7. Set to boil the vinegar with the water, sugar and honey (or replace honey with another ½ tablespoon sugar).
  8. Add the bay leaves and juniper berries and let boil for a few minutes.
  9. Pour the mixture while hot, a little at a time.
  10. After it has cooled, tie the jar with cellophane.

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