About veal Edit

Veal is the meat taken from young cows. Veal meat is a delicacy with an excellent structure. Veal meat is tender, lean, and mellow in taste and contains significant minerals and vitamins. In addition to its aesthetic appeal, veal meat is important because of its high nutritional value, easy digestibility and a good alternative when keeping an eye on calories. Veal meat is an extraordinary dish served in combination with baby carrots and chopped garlic and Italian bread crumbs. Veal meat has a special flavor and is a tasty meat loaf dish, less in carbohydrates, with delicate tender meat. Veal meat is a nutritious and nutrient-rich meat that is produced from the male offspring of dairy cows. Dairy cows give birth once a year in order to continue producing milk. While female offspring serve as dairy replacement animals, male calves had little value to the dairy farmer prior to the organization of milk-fed veal farming. Veal meat has a light color which results from the age of the calf and the level of myoglobin in the muscle. Myoglobin produces a red pigment that affects the color of the meat. To keep the meat light, without harming calf health, the quantity of iron a calf receives is proscribed during a nutritionally balanced milk-based diet and monitored on a regular basis.

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