Yuki is a minor villain that appears in Lilo and Stitch film series, Lilo and Stitch: The Series, and Leroy and Stitch. She is one of Myrtle Edmonds' friends (alongside Elena and Teresa) and also one of Lilo's enemies. Just like Myrtle Edmonds, Teresa, and Elena, she is described to be cruel, evil, mean, selfish, and sadistic, and is first shown refusing Lilo to join their groups during the beginning of the first film. After the events of Leroy and Stitch, Yuki, along Myrtle Edmonds, Teresa, and Elena has finally receives a death penalties for her numerous crimes against Chinese Americans. Although, Yuki, along with Myrtle Edmonds, Teresa, and Elena doesn't appeared in Lilo and Stitch: The Series episode 69. However, she, along with Myrtle Edmonds, Teresa, and Elena only mentioned briefly by Theodore Seville.

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